The square is named after the Bethlehems- or Bohemian church. It was built for Bohemian (Protestant) spiritual refugees who were transplanted from all around 1735 under Friedrich Wilhelm I in the growth of Friedrichstadt Berlin. These were generally weavers and spinners

A mosaic in the pocket paving shows the floor strategy and the place where the church was originally set up. In the middle of the square is the Houseball sculpture of Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen. It represents a great deal of home products. Just not much could bring the refugees from Bohemia.

The church was developed in 1735-1737 under the instructions of Friedrich Wilhelm Diterichs. The Church of Bethlehem was round with 15.70 meters in diameter and 36.40 meters. The western arm of the cross stuck out as the primary front. The church likewise had access to the south and north. The church is normal of its time and was something like a lowered scale variation of the same time of the Church of the Trinity.

In 1943, the Bethlehem church was destroyed to the boundary walls in an air raid. The ruin was exploded and demolished in 1963. One of the 2 bells was required to Neukölln, the previous Bohemia and Rixdorf. It is now in the church hall of the Evangelical Reformed Bethlehem Area in the traditional and prayer house (Richard Path 97), near the local Church of Bethlehem.

Spanish conceptual artist Juan Garaizabal has as part of his global project Urban Memories (keepsakes of the city) a replica of the church in reasonable contour scale as a light setup. It rests on 21 steel columns and eight arches, which were made from 120 mm × 120 mm square steel tube thick and resting on steel cubes safeguarded in the ground. The work is about 30 meters high, weighs about 60 loads and is illuminated by about 400 meters colored LED tubes. On June 26, 2012, the center was inaugurated in its original location in the flooring mosaic.


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