Choosing the Ideal Light for Adventures

Today, there is a dedicated industry that caters to the need of the adventure enthusiasts. Outdoors offer a harsh condition and the equipment designed for such use needs to be rugged in order to survive the abuse. Torches too need to work fine during an outdoor escapade. If you are someone who enjoys outdoor adventures as a regular hobby, it is recommended that you invest in a high quality flashlight. We might venture out to places where there is a complete lack of light during the night time and since bad visibility can prove to be a dangerous enemy, we need to equip ourselves before we set out. Flashlights that run on rechargeable AA batteries are a great resource as they offer the ability to use the same batteries after a quick charge. While on the downside, you would have to carry an additional piece of equipment, the charger. Considering the type of situation that you would most probably be in is the best way to go about while choosing a flashlight.
The amount of brightness required for indoors differs greatly from what the outdoors requires. Hence make sure you buy a torch that is specifically made for the outdoors. You could shop for lights that offer more than 150 lumens of brightness. Most of the stores mention the amount of lumens of a given torch and you should not find it especially hard to pick one that would match the needs for your adventure. The quality of the battery too is of importance as we don’t want our light source malfunctioning. Good quality products like Eneloop batteries by Sanyo ensure that you’re trip go on uninterrupted.
Type of Use
Are you mainly into biking or activities like climbing and hiking? This is important because you get different kinds of torches based on the type of activity that you’re about to undertake. Bike lights which run on AA batteries are capable on being mounted easily on a bike. Headlamps are also available that provide a hands-free solution which is necessary during climbing. Divers too have the option of choosing underwater torches.
When we go out on an adventure trip, we have to make the best use of the available space in our backpacks. A flashlight the size of one’s palm is ideal. If you choose to use rechargeable batteries for your torch, make sure you also purchase a good quality charger like the Eneloop charger made by Sanyo.

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