How to cut, connect & power LED Strip Lighting

Welcome to this video on how to cut, connect and power LED Strip lighting.

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In this video, you will find out:

– The tools needed and the correct way to cut LED strip lighting, maintaining full LED bulb functionality.

– How to connect your LED strip using with the pre fitted connector

– Soldering onto the LED strip.

– Using a clip-on connector to connect your LED Strip

– How to get a quality finish and protect your LED strip with aluminium extrusion

– The maximum run of LED strip to power for optimal performance and to avoid damage.

– How to select a power supply for your LED strip.

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Comments (49)
June 24, 2017

Really good and informative video. Well done! 🙂

donald minifie
June 24, 2017

Well explained an very easy to follow. Thank’s👍

Pure Zhao
June 24, 2017

Just wonderful c

Mr Budd
June 24, 2017

So,from I what I just saw,cannot just connect LED strip to regular cord and plug into a wall socket.Right ?

June 24, 2017

Can I make the letter A with these led lights?

June 24, 2017

Very will said and demonstrated, step by step. Thank’s Mr.G

Putri Karlinda
June 24, 2017

do you have this kind of tutorial video for EL Wire? i really need it >< thanks for this video.. really help me a lot

rohan rishi
June 24, 2017

led supplies where did you buy the c4229 sockets please tell me

June 24, 2017

Hey. do you know how can i use a mobile led strip ?, with no wall conect…

Will B
June 24, 2017

Just to clarify, a 10m strip is recommended for a smaller power supply. If I were to connect say 30m I would need a stronger power supply? Or would I need 3 seperate power supplies

June 24, 2017

Is it useful for hydroponics projects like substitute of natural light ?

Itz Vyzai
June 24, 2017

omg you broke it

Skylar Griffith
June 24, 2017

Very helpful video. Good job.

December Kxng
June 24, 2017

can it be powered by USB

June 24, 2017

Question please, if I wanted to have a single little LED on the end of about a 1 meter wire connected to a little solar panel, how would I go about doing that? I’m very new to all this so as Layman’s terms as you can please =P

June 24, 2017

is that can use laptop power supply/charger?

Shaun's Kiwi Vlog
June 24, 2017

excellent video thanks guys. I can now cut my led strip down knowing I am not going to stuff it all up! cheers!!!

Alexandru Chiciuc
June 24, 2017

this was so fucking helpful. live long and prosper!

Italuce Service
June 24, 2017


Runyo Swift
June 24, 2017

the led strips i ordered came with out any of that stuff just the male adapter wire and the strip lol
i dont know what to do

Tony Li
June 24, 2017

anyone like me want the guy put the LED strip into the slot of the ruler?

Colby Dunn
June 24, 2017

is there a clip on connector that I can use to hook up the lights directly to motherboard? Or is there an LED light strip that already comes with the connector attached. I know Oly some mother boards support it and it has to be 12v

June 24, 2017

can we lit it with 9vlot battery

Mitch Caluori
June 24, 2017

how would i go about cutting my led strip but having it work with the same remote?

Rahul S Sahare
June 24, 2017

Can I use Dc12v 1amp adapter to 1 meter led strip can its work? please reply as soon as possible

Enrique Gonzalez
June 24, 2017

how will connect this to a 12 volt battery? anyone?

Ashley Thomas
June 24, 2017

could u cut these down need strip around darts board cab

Trinity Williams
June 24, 2017

this video helped me a lot, thank you

Ibrahim Alayyaf
June 24, 2017

i connect 2 LED strip rolls = 10 meter to big power supply, the LED strip at first is very bright the rest is low light! i don’t know how to solve this problem! can anyone help?

Razvan Danalache
June 24, 2017

So let me get this straight. Even if you put a 90W power supply on a 1 meter led strip, the leds will only draw what they need in order to function normally?

Greg Large
June 24, 2017

perfect vid. exactly the info I was looking for

June 24, 2017

That was an excellent video! It told me exactly what I needed to know in a clear and calm fashion.

June 24, 2017

Am I to assume multiple strips are soldered together in series with a continuous circuit? If so will they power up simultaneously or will they power up one after the other? I’m looking to install them on my stairs with a motion detector on top and on the bottom. I’ll have to yet figure out how they are installed.

Mizu Bear
June 24, 2017

So say, I wish to use these RGB LED’s for the fans on my Alienware laptop, integrating it with the keyboard cover LED module.

June 24, 2017

God video ven.

Syed Ilhan
June 24, 2017

are the LEDs connected in series or parallel?

Dwi Novianto
June 24, 2017

Are there any LED strip that be lighted by 5V supply? So I can use hand phone charger to light it 🙂

June 24, 2017

This is a very informative video, too bad I’m from the US so I have to watch the parts about meters over. I’m more familiar with inches and centimeters but thank you

jerry o connor
June 24, 2017

Hi,I want to install these in the back of my van,can I simply connect these to the light in the cabin

Jason Lopena
June 24, 2017

very much helpful. thank you for providing this video

Chino Gambino
June 24, 2017

You are a legend.

Fox Wise
June 24, 2017

If you cut it will both the halfs work?

I know stupid question but just wanna check

June 24, 2017

im using a clip on addaptor with my LED lights but its flashing instead of shining a continuous light

Omkar Creations
June 24, 2017

Awesome video
ver useful

June 24, 2017

Great Video, just the Info I was looking into. Question: do the Red LED produce 600nm-700nm ? does is the wattage important as in a 3v 12v 120v still produce the same nanometer only difference would be the lumens ? Total Novice but love learning.

June 24, 2017

What about water proof LEDs? Do I need another connector for that?

June 24, 2017


Joppert Harkema
June 24, 2017

dude, this video is lit. I’m telling ya

June 24, 2017

Clear and concise, thank you.

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