Lumitact G700 Tactical Military LED Flashlight

Check out our website at here to get more details and purchase the item. The Lumitact G700 Tactical Military LED Flashlight that everybody is speaking about. This flashlight has 700 lumens of power and is one of the brightest on the market.

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Comments (12)
Σταυρος Ελλας
July 19, 2017


Serzad Soobratee
July 19, 2017

military grade?? hahahahaha…

July 19, 2017

hahahahaha,,,, fuck.

K. Erwin Thomas
July 19, 2017

That’s not what I call "bright" LOL!

Solrac Zilec
July 19, 2017

Fuck You for scamming innocent people.. Never trust this man.. This was just a 2 or 3 dollar cheap China made flashlight.. i had this one..

Vercocilenco Ionela
July 19, 2017

yeah fucking right, bullshit!!!

Dinner-fork tongue
July 19, 2017

Scammy as fuck.

chris johnes
July 19, 2017

whoa, be careful with that, its tactical and can blind you for minutes

July 19, 2017

Shame on you, for pretending this cheap, crappy, piece of shit torch is something that it’s not. For those moronic enough out there, you can buy this on ebay for about 8 bucks…and even that is a rip-off because the parts are so cheap and nasty that it’s a fire-hazard!
You are an idiotic lying…and extremely unattractive – wanker for trying to persuade impressionable, gullible people to actually buy this garbage!

Nam Hoang
July 19, 2017

all I hear is bs review about this flashlight. anyone know where I can get a good one?

July 19, 2017

my 3 dollar made-in-china flastlight is brighter than this…

Giovanny hiphopandthegraff
July 19, 2017

alguien sabe cual es tiempo de duración de la batería de la linterna

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