How To Make LED Flashlight?

How To Make Powerful LED flashlight 12v 150w in your home, Do It Yourself Super brilliant 12v 150w
– I Utilizing 48Pcs 3w Luxeon Led
– Aluminum heat sink 15x25cm
– 12v Heatsink Fan
– Module Increase DC-DC 150W-12-35V
– 16 * Resistor 5W 2,2 ohm, Lipo Battery 3S 11,1 v.
– Aluminium Composite, Wire electrical … All parts you can purchase at the elements electronic devices store.

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Saif Hassen
August 9, 2017

3:08 haha

Cute Videos
August 9, 2017

where are you buy lipo battery

Rachamalla Surender
August 9, 2017

How was total cost?

Lado Egetashvili
August 9, 2017

imagine turning this into the laser with lens omg that would be epiv

Vikash Vikash
August 9, 2017

super daily watch for channal

Costas Kappa
August 9, 2017

I can smell fur of that dogs men….cool!

Phong Le
August 9, 2017

mắc nói tiếp ah. dây lại lộ thiên thì hơi kì

mahesh pawaskar
August 9, 2017

show digram for this

Adnane Jadalmaoula
August 9, 2017
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August 9, 2017

1:14 what’s the name of the song?

dimas aditia
August 9, 2017

the fans are in wrong place

Md Satter
August 9, 2017

twelve-volt direct you done?

Surya Cipta
August 9, 2017


August 9, 2017

All that or 10 bucks on Amazon? lol. Prolly even get it faster by ordering it on Amazon too. Love the ingenuity behind the idea though.

Shama Gulnaz
August 9, 2017

please send music name to use in this video 4:6 par

Sebastian hernandes gamarra
August 9, 2017

tumba brujas

md ikramoddin
August 9, 2017

my i need the wiring digrom

LH Creative WorkShop
August 9, 2017

hey creative channel can you please show how to make a tripod for phone portable

Nguyễn Văn Hoá
August 9, 2017

You stole the KST video

Simme Drimme
August 9, 2017

perfect for Police!

August 9, 2017

Awesome vid, check the flashlight i just made 😛

August 9, 2017

Xem hết clip mới biết bác VN :)))) bác ở miền bắc hay miền nam thế chỉ em chỗ mua đồ vs

Ben Ingledew
August 9, 2017

what’s the song called when you were mounting the fans

Martin Chromek
August 9, 2017


August 9, 2017

no audio no good

August 9, 2017


Master Stee
August 9, 2017

i want, ita power lamp😁😁😁

Dr. Drone
August 9, 2017

sir from where u buy Rc battery

Alan Curran
August 9, 2017

Instead of using a million resistors why not just put one at the start of ur power source

Vikash Vikash
August 9, 2017

super daily watch for channal

Doğan Karahan
August 9, 2017

iyi güzel de bu kadar uğraşmak yerine 2 adet 100w’lık led koysalar daha iyi olurdu
çok daha küçük boyutta olurdu birde

jorge valdes
August 9, 2017

como se le llama a ese tipo de herramienta para poner remaches tipo clavos ocupo una nombre de la herramienta por fa decirme?

pawan Gupta
August 9, 2017

sir Hindi ma video Bnao please

Republic of Tutorials
August 9, 2017

Where to buy Aluminium Composite?

August 9, 2017

very cool

md ikramoddin
August 9, 2017

plz + – wire digram send my iwant to see plz
make the pepur digram send my

Eric Dizon
August 9, 2017

Creative Channel is amazing

Dezent squad
August 9, 2017

Great Job! but where you from?

August 9, 2017

opps so bright!!!!!!!

Gầy Nahtic
August 9, 2017


mahesh pawaskar
August 9, 2017

I dond understand this
show me digram
for perfect fiting

Alexandru Goman
August 9, 2017

I am really sorry to tell you but what you did there with the resistors is the most inefficient thing! I am not saying that the project is not good in fact I love it but what I am trying to say is that you could have done it better! awesome video! great job!

Bulent akyildiz
August 9, 2017

amazing jobs thanks for sharing

Dan Hardman
August 9, 2017

can’t you talk ?

Master Stee
August 9, 2017

good idea

Daniel Grankin
August 9, 2017

this is fucking good

alif farhan
August 9, 2017

where is thermal paste ?

alfio elettronico
August 9, 2017

io metterei un triplo deviatore per accendere un quarto di led un terzo oppure tutti: per il risparmio di energia dove serve.

Lucky Boy
August 9, 2017

sir can you make the videos slowly please

راميا القنطار
August 9, 2017

I like your ideas

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