Making an LED Night Light w/ Star Pattern

Using any wood you can quickly make an led night light for a bed room or a table focal point.

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ari satriadi
July 19, 2017

Amazing,, thats cool. really nice idea

Basha shabbir Basha shabbir
July 19, 2017

awoosam job I love you…

Subhajyoti Goswami
July 19, 2017

awesome idea sis…but tell me one thing will this same idea applicable on any specific design…such as on hindu religious sign ‘OM’ 🙂

Osh B
July 19, 2017

superb finish..good job!

Anil Singh
July 19, 2017

it’s amazing

July 19, 2017

ur awesome 😀

Aldinei Torres
July 19, 2017

você é linda

Amethyst Barr
July 19, 2017

For those of us with no power tools and absolutely zero talent for woodworking, would you ever consider opening commissions for one of these…? ouo

Pritam Saha
July 19, 2017

Your arts are excellent and extraordinary..The labour you put in making the stuffs are undescriptive and out of words..keep making more DIY stuffs and keep us motivated…I have a inconsiderate request to you that we are an organisation working for homeless children and that if you could make a light adjustable, LED table lamp for us, we will be ever grateful to you and blessings from all the members of our institution…We always run out of funds and the only help we could expect from you is a piece for charity….



Pritam Saha
Flat no.M1,Block -D, Jashoda residency,
Udham Singh sarani,Punjabi para,
Siliguri,West Bengal, India

July 19, 2017

so cute! 良い作品ですね。

David R
July 19, 2017

That would of look even better if you put on a turn table otherwise nice work well done .

Christopher Fischer
July 19, 2017

wow! would like to me you! (:

Pablo Vivancos
July 19, 2017

Really wonderfull… Thanks for sharing… Ill do in the future…

Alfred Landeros
July 19, 2017

where did you get the switch?? amazon?

Princy R.A.
July 19, 2017

nice project

Marco Antonio Souza Silva
July 19, 2017

Beautiful work!
And if I may say so, your eyes are very beautiful too!

Mustafa Aloushi
July 19, 2017

I started thinking to build my own workshop and start DIY wood stuff .. very cool

Haydar M.
July 19, 2017

Great work Darbin! Ever thought about building/buying yourself a bandsaw? It will save you a lot of work!

Hel GA
July 19, 2017


taha alper cankaya
July 19, 2017

wonderful i love it

Casper Vinjaya
July 19, 2017

amazing creative job

Arshi Khan
July 19, 2017

sub me i will sub u all

rangsima yui
July 19, 2017

OMG!! by second 0:14 i was like marry me!!! then i chill out and kept watching!. maybe you 😛 , but definitely some one like you. 😀

Jefferson Chang
July 19, 2017

Hey there im wondering if youre selling these cause im really interested of getting one but im just not capable of doing it

kik am
July 19, 2017

amaziiing bravooo

Gummy Bear
July 19, 2017

thinking out loud
gluing space blanket on inside to leave it shiny and bounce more light evenly around

Uriel Valdez
July 19, 2017

I am a huge fan of your work, you’re a fantastic artist, id love to meet you one day. Very inspiring work!!

Mia Ortiz
July 19, 2017

Do you think this would produce the same effect if:
A) You wrapped decorative fairy lights around a wooden dowel attached to the base
B) You left the bottom hollow and placed a large flameless candle underneath it
Thank you for your help!

July 19, 2017

You are awesome 🙂

July 19, 2017

Nice looking lamp! I especially like the hexagonal shape — a nice break from the rectangles we usually see in woodworking.

Alejandro Gagliano
July 19, 2017


DhooM almalki
July 19, 2017

You know what more fun? If you make it rotating

Lord Baccus
July 19, 2017


July 19, 2017

beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful

Aldinei Torres
July 19, 2017


arun carpenter
July 19, 2017

it’s such a nice idea mam..

Александр Кичанский
July 19, 2017

Very nice and original design!
It was nice to watch your video 🙂

July 19, 2017

Just missing a drill press and table saw…

Algeria Queens
July 19, 2017

just a big waaaaw

July 19, 2017

If you make another, print off constellations and use them as a template.

Make the starry sky ‘real’, as it were.

July 19, 2017

hi dear,
m a big fan of yours, i need to design my own workshop, for that i need to purchase surfa ce finishing kit as well as wood cutter.
could you kindly suggest me some website as well as price for buying the kits

Common Sense Supreme
July 19, 2017

Love it. I wonder how it would look if I insert fake diamonds in the holes! Can’t wait to try this out.

Jayden Redd
July 19, 2017

”pepe amazing plan” (Google it), is a very comprehensive woodworking book! It breaks everything down, utilizing words, drawings, real pictures, and different diagrams. It is really an informative product. I`m currently creating furniture together with my sibling and thanks to this product, I feel like assisting him is possible.

Osama Mohammed
July 19, 2017

cool idea I used the hexagonal shape newly in my products and it came so nice and sophisticated. ….
but your design is more personal and beatufiul

Elizabeth medina rujano
July 19, 2017


Faisal Shaikh
July 19, 2017

Your work is fabulous.

Daniel Faria
July 19, 2017

looks super awesome

July 19, 2017

put the wood to your garden shoot with different shells no need to drill 🙂

July 19, 2017

marry me

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