Making a Reclaimed Wood Box Light|| How-to

We required a brand-new lamp for the basement, so we chose to develop one from reclaimed wood and led strips!

In this video we’re utilizing recovered wood from pallets to develop an indoor ceiling light, not different from a light box. The process of recovering the wood from pallets is disappointed, as it was done some time back. The light itself comes from LED strips, we utilized SMD5050 (both cold white and warm white), and is wired to a transformer. The light is designed to be soft and illuminating, but not sharp and intense as it is placed in a basement used as a media space.

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Comments (31)
July 24, 2017

Hi there chick :3 😉

July 24, 2017

Hi hansi

Reply please it would make my day

Karl Ackdamack
July 24, 2017

Great build. I just found your channel and subscribed. Really like the light and am planning to build something very similar to this.

متنوعات Dz
July 24, 2017


July 24, 2017

hey who the girl?she cute…i’m in ♥

Eirik H. Snerthammer
July 24, 2017

Smiler fra øre til øre, kjekt å se en norsk DIY’er som gjør det bra på YouTube. Jobber på Biltema så er morsomt å se igjen produktene i bruk. Lampen ble stilig og hadde tenkt å lage en liknende variant selv, så er bra å se at idéen vil funke. 🙂

1947 The Factory
July 24, 2017

i have done some can spray painting on plexiglass sheet and i havent sand it, havent apply a primer, only apply the paint from a spray can and the paint sticks great. if you want to do the project much easy and cheaper this are good tips! 😉

Fabrizio Marengo
July 24, 2017

Nice job.

amin mahmoudi
July 24, 2017

nice ………

Kavier Koo
July 24, 2017

0:53 that whisper "America" creep me out mann!! im using my headset and thought someone whispering besides me!!

David Dixon
July 24, 2017

love the video, my comment is could you not have just lightly sanded the plexiglass to make it frosted instead of painting it?

July 24, 2017

what country are you from, quite sure that store was Biltema? 😀

james Sho
July 24, 2017

Geezeus man. u really like LEDs & are a great wood worker!

July 24, 2017

I am from Norway too

July 24, 2017

Awesome video! I don’t have a ceiling light so I think this is my next best option!

Nick Bedard
July 24, 2017

Freaking love the personality! Keep it up

Luan T
July 24, 2017

and yes! reclaimed wood is tha shit!

July 24, 2017

"Some stupid shit happened" LOL

Andrea Sim
July 24, 2017

great job, the lamp is beautiful!!

Артур Говорит
July 24, 2017


Stefan Jovanovic
July 24, 2017

Beautiful works! Can this be paired with your "Room lighting control panel"? This is beautiful, if you put some color changing LEDs the atmosphere can be very comfortable and romantic.
Thanks for tutorials!

Samuel Gomes
July 24, 2017


Lyrics 4 music
July 24, 2017

3mrk chfti njar f youtube

michelle villanueva
July 24, 2017

Can i use white tarpaulin instead acrylic?

Vadym Aliyev
July 24, 2017

You can make it yourself, just loook and learn from woodprix .

Natural Nerd
July 24, 2017

Thank you everyone for all the likes and warm words, it really takes the motivation to the next level! You guys know how to do it!

LATIF motion
July 24, 2017

nice but you can use white sheet of acrylic and save money and time and no need for painting

July 24, 2017

NORGE ^^ haha Biltema! MYE MER ENN BARE BIL! ^^

Rios Moodie
July 24, 2017

Just google WoodPrix 😉 I made my own thanks to WoodPrix instructions 🙂

Nannette Battista
July 24, 2017

Hi. If you want to build it yourself just google for ‘woodprix’ . I know you’ll find good solutions for your idea.

July 24, 2017

I don’t know if you looked in the lighting area, but most hardware stores sell replacement lenses for overhead ceiling lights, which are already opaque.
Something like this

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