Police Flashlight: Pelican 8060 LED Flashlight

Cops flashlights are among the most crucial tools in a police officer’s toolbox. The Pelican 8060 flashlight builds on the utility of the 7060 LED flashlight, which was established with input from the LA Police Department.

The 8060 cops flashlight is a full-size task light with a longer burn time than the 7060, however offers many of the same functions as the 7060, consisting of a neck switch for under and overhand usage.

Like the 7060, the 8060 police flashlight has a serrated lens shroud, making it easy to see if the light has been left on, and a grenade grip pattern that will not insinuate your hands when wet.

The 8060 authorities flashlight has a burn time of 6 hours, enough for a full police shift when used intermittently. The 8060 is rechargeable, however in a pinch, you can substitute 4 alkaline c-cell batteries.

The 8060 authorities flashlight boasts 190 lumens of light at simply 23 ounces. Aspect in the sturdiness and the 8060 could be the last flashlight you’ll ever need.

Find out more about the Pelican 8060 LED flashlight: http://www.pelican.com/lights_detail.php?recordID=8060


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Comments (6)
Sean Choi
August 3, 2017

Does it have a strobe mode?

August 3, 2017

lol a "blinding 190 lumens" are you kidding me ?  

Jerry Willis
August 3, 2017

One of the best flashlights ever!!! I use it everyday in my pest control inspections!!!

August 3, 2017

I have a fenix rc 15. 860 lumens. This is way behind in power

August 3, 2017

regular duty ???? what like a kill stick? beat the fuck out of people with,well smaller flash lights,i guess they will put them in a sock,like a soap sock then huh ? good ole boys.

Squid Balls
August 3, 2017

190 lumens may not sound much, but Pelican designed their reflector to be really blinding. You are getting a lot of light for very little power.

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